April 10, 2020: A Challenge For This Weekend

Happy Friday,

Yesterday I got sidetracked while doing some research on Twitter and suddenly was looking at coronavirus news. Today I will try again. For any of you trying to avoid it, I wish you luck.

A Challenge For This Weekend

A viral pandemic is such a challenging disaster because it just goes on, and on, and on. I’ve been plugged in since first reading of it my Chinese news sources in early January something like 90 days ago. And it’s quite possible that we could be majorly impacted for a year or more.

So my challenge for you this weekend is:

Give up the news updates and live in the little moments.

Obviously don’t go and physically see your neighbors, or anything else that encourages the spread of this virus. But perhaps leave your phone on the charger and experience life without the news stream. Use this as a time to spend time playing with your kids, or focus deeply on a new skill, or reading the month-old stack of library books that the library doesn’t want back (true story, SF libraries are closed).

Good luck, and see you Monday!


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